GAV - Content Accelerator

GAV is a leading Romanian independent communication company (member of Interpartners Group of Independent Agencies) founded and leaded by Lucian Georgescu, the most senior Executive Romanian Advertising Creative. GAV has pioneered the cultural marketing niche in the early 2000 and later created the legendary advertising campaign for Romania – Sibiu, Cultural Capital of Europe 2007 – an advertising milestone for the entire nation, and beyond. After two decades of (re)setting industry standards, GAV evolved towards digital expansion of the classical creative unit, specialized in content creation with instant worldwide delivery. Nowadays GAV is Romania’s ultimate content & multimedia storytelling communication company, servicing clients such as  Bosch, CEO Club Romania, Lindab, SIM, La Fantana, Kafune, Mercedes Benz, Selgros, TIFF (Transylvania Intl. Film Festival) a.s.o. Besides this outstanding commercial portfolio, GAV has created and proudly presents to the world its own label,, a world-unique FVOD film streaming platform.
At GAV we produce, deliver and accelerate high quality content to any part of the world, in any format, across all media, online with the times.

BREAKING NEWS: GAV welcomes Predu as Creative Director. “It’s as simple as that: I believe in Santa. 20 years after I have met him, the once young and shy chap, now one of the most internationally acclaimed Romanian creatives, touches base for a fresh new start together. The moustache is whiter now, but the man stays the same. I couldn’t ask for more: a venit Predu!” Lucian Georgescu